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Hair Color Facts

Have you ever been to the salon and wanted a change in your hair color but weren't sure what was the best for your hair and your hair goals? Here are some facts for everything you need to know from toner to permanent and everything in between. Giving you the best knowledge walking in to any salon with confidence in knowing what you want and how to ask for it. However, I will say the hairstylist you are seeing will know best since they are educated and know your hair and what your hair can and can not handle. So trust the experts! All of these colors are in services I provide!

An easy breakdown of what each type of color goes a little like this;

Toner - Used to achieve pale delicate colors. This is typically used after you have lightened your hair. In order to cut the unwanted pigment or yellow or orange (brass) a toner will be placed on after a shampooing out the lifted, aka blonde areas of your hair. Toners last about 3-5 weeks typically, depending on the amount of times you wash your hair per week. I personally would advise to get a toner between highlights if you go longer than 6 weeks. For example, if you get your highlights done every 8 weeks I would go to the 4-week mark just to freshen up / de-brass the color.

Gloss or Glaze - Similar to a toner this will not last more than 3-5 weeks. However this form of color is to add shine or deepen the color of your hair. There is color glaze as well as a clear one. Clear would just be for shine and to help protect the color you already have. This is a good candidate for someone who likes their natural hair color but lacks a shine throughout the times between haircuts. You can also have a colored glaze that would be used to deepen the hair which is great for brunettes!

Semipermanent Color - This is a non lifting color that would deposit only. This would be used to darken your hair. this is a great way to get yourself into the world of hair coloring if you have yet to change the tone of your hair before and area at all nervous. It typically lasts about 6-12 washes.This would be great for a non commitment hair color.

Demi-permanent Color - This is also a non lifting color that would deposit only. This is a great way to blend in your grays if you only have a few or don't mind having the grays show. This color does not completely cover the grays. This color is an amazing way to darken your hair and do not plan on going lighter. I personally like to use this when taking a client to a darker color or when I am cover their regrowth with permanent for full gray coverage using this on the middle of their hair to the ends to refresh the color they have and give it a shine that will match the roots that have been covered. Demi-permanent color lasts around 12-24 washes.

Permanent Color - This color lightens and deposits color at the same time. It is best for gray coverage. Permanent color can not wash out easily because it is deposited deep into the hair. It is used to match, lighten, and as I said color over grays completely. It is used with a higher developer typically.

I hope this helps you with any questions you might have had about the differences between the color lines. If you are still unsure what you need, booking a consultation is always the best bet! I am going to write a separate page for lightening your hair and what each kind of lightning will mean for you and your hair.


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