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Tape-In Extensions

Have you been thinking about getting hair extensions but haven’t taken the plunge? Think it will be too expensive, or you heard from a friend of a friend that they rip out your natural hair? This is not the case when it comes to tape-in extensions. Here are some reasons why you absolutely should go for it.

The Costs:

You have heard they are expensive and the maintenance is a lot of work. Let me say why that is not the fact. When you buy the hair before putting it in it can range between $600-$1000+. Keep in mind it might seem like a high number however, the hair will last you around 6 months to a year depending on how well you take care of it. So if you were to break that down the hair costs less than $100 a month.

The upkeep of the extensions ranges from every six to eight weeks. The same time you would already be coming in for regular hair cut and color appointments so it won’t be adding more days in the salon.

Adding Volume and Length Instantly:

Have you always wanted longer, thicker hair? Or maybe you got a haircut and the grow-out process is taking longer than you hoped for. Maybe you just have finer hair in the front and thicker hair in the back.

Tape-in extensions will instantly give you the boost in volume, length, and thickness.

Thickness:You can add a few packs in the front for the finer pieces to match to the back. If you have the length you want already but feel like your hair is too fine extensions can be added to just give you the thickness you desire.

Length:Now you can instantly add the length you have always wanted anywhere from 14 inches to 22 inches long! Do you have hair that won’t grow at the same pace? The fronts half doesn’t seem to grow as fast as the back tape-in extensions are the answer.

Volume:Extensions add volume immediately as well which is great for women who can’t get it with their hair alone.

Add to Your Confidence:

One thing I can tell you about getting tape-in extensions is that they will immediately give you the biggest confidence boost. Every client I have that is nervous or has never had them and they don’t know what to expect are always my favorite to give them to. They see the finished product of their hair and their smile instantly gets bigger, their posture gets straighter and they can not stop touching the hair. It’s so much fun to see how excited they are and how pretty they feel.


The great thing about adding extensions to your hair is the breeze of styling. Tape-in extensions hold style much longer even days longer than your hair might hold on its own. You can curl them and expect them to stay styled for the next few days until the next wash! The extensions act as a sandwich on your hair which also adds heat protection keeping your hair healthy. We can all agree this is always a plus! You can check out pictures of other clients who have gotten their hair put in here.

So what do you think now? Ready to dive I and take the plunge in to longer, luscious hair everyone dreams of? Book a consultation with me to see how long you want to go along with how many packs it will take to give you your dream hair.


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