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Healthy Summer Hair

Check out these 4 tips to help protect your hair and scalp for the hot summer months ahead.


1. Keep it moisturized: Sun exposure helps to fade the color as well as makes the hair dry and brittle. Moisture is key to helping with this. Deep conditioner treatments once to twice a week depending on how often you wash your hair is extremely helpful. An oil to put from the middle of your hair down to the ends, avoiding the roots, will also help keep the hair from becoming brittle.  2. Wear a hat: This is the best way to protect your scalp from burning. It will also help your scalp maintain moisture, helps your color-treated hair from fading and keeps your hair from drying out.

3. Protect from chlorine and ocean water: Both the pool and the ocean will strip your hair from natural oils which will also cause it to become dry and brittle. Soaking your hair in regular water before will create a barrier to protect. One suggestion is to bring an extra bottle of water to the pool or the beach and pouring it over your hair before you get in. As soon as you get out of the water to rinse your hair again.  I also would suggest to keep a spray leave-in conditioner in my beach bag and use it throughout the day to hydrate your hair.

4. Trim your hair  Trimming your hair will get rid of the split ends and maintain a healthy look. Every 6-8 weeks is ideal for trimming


Set yourself up for a deep conditioning treatment and a haircut to maintain your hairs health!


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